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Online photo sharing



Online media sharing makes the citizen journalism know more events in the different media sources. Eyewitness pictures from camera-phones have made citizen journalism even more important in crisis situations. These images are often used as a useful document to respond to the audience. It is common to use of amateur images from digital media platforms, which makes the news more comprehensive and vivid.The mainstream media have begun to use this information to provide services for their audience. For example, Yahoo has begun to use these images in some disaster events. No matter whether photos taken professional; But in some emergency situations can be contribute to the news. On the other hand, citizen journalism plays the watchdog role in the press, which is beneficial to facilitating a better performance of professional journalists. Some media organizations have a false report on news, hide the truth of the event. At this point, the use of amateur photos from digital media often makes the news truth exposed to the public. Due to some media organizations get financial support by government departments, as a result, they reported the coverage tends to be beneficial to the government. This to a certain extent affect the audience’s right to know and the interests of the citizens.

Due to the continuous development of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog and YouTube, which provides the interactive platforms to the audience to share photos, video, connection, audio and games, the daily news to share with family and friends, but also to record life and release the pressure of life. Therefore, people can know the big news and events around the world in just few seconds. It is the biggest charm of social media. In fact, it brings great challenges to traditional media. Therefore, in the past few years, traditional media revenue decreased a lot. Since most of the merchants to put ads into social media platforms, as the social media views can reach a great number of audiences, which may bring more economic benefits. Advertising revenue decrease in the traditional media, thus, they can only rely on the government financial support and sponsorship, this kind of situation often leads to media agencies in order to cater to the interests of governments, which makes to report the untrue news.

The real-time property, the high efficiency of the social media can also lead to the user’s personal privacy is under threat. Online photo sharing should be built on the premise of respect for the privacy of personal information. Some of the original photographs often give the author bring huge economic losses due to be copied and theft by online users. Therefore, improve the quality of professional ethics and constantly restrict the relevant laws and regulations, improve news regulatory efforts to continually reduce the negative impact of news to share.

The function of the social media images real-time share provides businesses with online marketing huge business opportunities. Even some businessmen use social media platforms do customers after-sales service, as well as new product advertising, users share and sales promotion. In fact, it can reduce the merchants advertising costs, on the other hand , it also provides users with the chance to get to know a brand. Coca-Cola, for example, using social media platforms for public relations activities and a series of event campaign. In fact, social media also give a negative impact on businesses, negative news and discussion could affect the influence of the brand. Social media is a double-edged sword, users receive regulation, however, it also can to expand the brand visibility and influence. Therefore, it is important to set up perfect media brand strategy, and constantly according to the user’s feedback to improve the deficiencies. At the same time, use the media interactive platform to understand the needs of the user, different media strategy, market strategy and public relations strategy.